Canes and Placards

Boy, I wish I was talking about chicken fingers.

But I’m not. Sad face.

Yesterday, someone came over with a cane and I mentioned I should get one. I was joking but later that day, she came back and was like.. “I have other canes at home.” I know I’m not being nice by being weird about that. But oy. I can’t be in this boot any more. I want to walk again. My knee is over it all as well. I mean, I would like for the pain to be on just one side. It would help. Sigh.

Seeing the podiatrist today. Hopefully good news. I’m not handicap.



Not the band… lol

So. I am injured again. Bummer. But instead of being so down about it, imma move forward. There really isn’t more I can do but move forward.


So yes, I am very upset about the situation. But I am choosing to be fine with this because I am going to fucking win. I will not let any obstacles get the best of me. I have come too far for this.

I am getting really good at challenges. What’s a few more? 😉