A little better everyday. People are noticing my hard work. I am noticing my hard work. I want this life so bad. It is not a fitness journey. 

It is a fitness lifestyle. 

I still struggle a bit with exercising and making sure I don’t hurt myself. There are more than a few times during a workout when I think I can-but probably shouldn’t do something. I know I need to listen to my body and make sure I do the modifications so that I can work the next day and the day after. Pushing myself so hard that I strain or injured myself again isn’t what I want to do. Obviously. But I am learning to keep myself accountable and really give it my all. I just know that my all today is better than my all last week. I am not at all saying that workouts are getting easier, I am just saying that I am not as miserable or hard on myself. 

I am gaining confidence. 

These changes that I am making in my life have given me more than I ever thought. If anyone thinks that being active and exercising is only for the body, they’ve got it all wrong. I am happier and feel better about myself. I would like to say that it isn’t because of the weight I’ve lost, that I have gained confidence but of course it is part of it. There are just so many things that I thought I could never do or swore I would never get to accomplish. I proved myself wrong so many times. Even being wrong was a hard thing for me to accept in the past. But it is really happening!


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