This is fun. I decided I am having spam, eggs and rice for dinner. It is awesome. 

As much as I should just end there because it is totally a mic drop when we talk about awesome food, I have more about spam. It is that annoying thing we all get in our email inboxes about this, that or explict. LOL. So, it made me think of what happened today. 

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised that Crystal Lynn was inquiring about what the workout was going to look like later today. I am happy that she wanted to join us and was more motivated for today’s workout. 

As the day progressed, I didn’t want to do anything. The fact that there was so much work that needed to be done and I wasn’t near finished made me feel like we needed to skip the workout all together.

Spam. This is spam. That stuff that gets in the way of other things- productive things. 

Pero! Best part of this story is though we didn’t go all out, we still got a workout in! I’m happy CL came with because honestly, I probably would have just stayed working and made that the reason for missing activity today.


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